Sunday, March 26, 2006

One of the few

Hasn't been the best of weeks.

Home sick with a bad chest cold for 5 days, then get back to work and find out that our union negotiations have taken a bit of a bad turn. The members turned down the proposal, and we lost a major account. Then, 200 friends lose their jobs. Layoff's suck. Moral has hit rock bottom, and I have been dealing with depressed friends, angry friends and my own feelings. I guess I am fortunate that I have the seniority that I do, but it still upsets me that it came to this.

But, I still stick to what we are fighting for. The aggreement has some exploitable flaws in it, things that I can see the company abusing. But I try to keep positive. Nothing else to do really. I think that we would have lost that account anyway, and this is just something that management is using to scare people. But what do I know. So, back to work on Monday, and hopefully the sadness won't bring me too far down.