Monday, July 30, 2007

On clouds of sunlight floating by

Just sitting her rocking out to the Dead Kennedy's and realized that I need to let the world know that I am finaly back to work on the floor! I get to play mechanic again, which after nearly 4 months of not being allowed to is a nice feeling. The day went fairly well, got a lot done but it was at a toll. I got home and collapsed in exhaustion. Wow, I knew that I would have a tough time with not being used to be on my feet and all the physical reality of my job, but I wasn't ready for the complete melt-down when I got home. Dang.

At least I had a nice two weeks off before today. First weekend was David and Bella's wedding, which was a blast other than that I got too much sun which gave me a nasty headache and sent me home a bit early.

The following weekend was at Whistler hanging out with Jacob and Nicole. I am not a big fan of Whistler, it is too full of tourists, but Crankworx was on that weekend and I watched some crazy people on mountain bikes trying not to get themselves killed doing biker-X in the pissing down rain. I also did a bit of light hiking and spent time visiting with Nicole and Jacob. It was a nice break.

Last weekend was helping Kira and Elizabeth moving. Kira moved from the mainland to Victoria to be roomie with Elizabeth. Friday was a freaking long day on little sleep, followed by a long day on Saturday as well. Sunday wasn't quite as bad, at least I got some sushi in my belly. =) I am very impressed with the basement suite that Elizabeth found, very nice area, big rooms, hot tub and cool landlords upstairs. It was also very nice to spend some time with both the girls, since I don't see them that much. Hell, I haven't seen Lise in years (more or less since she moved to the island for school) so it was a nice time. Maybe next time I will be able to play instead of work all weekend, let them get me into trouble with all of Elizabeth's naughty nursing student friends. =D

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

March cheerfully out of obscurity into the dream

Wow, almost a month already since my last post!

Let's see, what has happened since then.

Well, I have been doing well at work, the leg is progressing very well, and with each day I notice an improvement. I am not quite on the floor yet, but after I come back from my two week's off work I will go back to the floor to play mechanic again. Yay me!

Of course, this wasn't super easy, and if it wasn't for the help of my awesome physiotherapist, it probably would have taken longer. Also, WCB didn't help much, I continuously feel that most of what comes out of WCB and HR's mouths is not what is best for the patient, but who is going to pay for what. Even today, WCB called and wanted to know why I was only at work for 4.5 hours on July 5th. Ummm, hello! Check your records dummies, I was at the doctor! Pisses me off to no end.

I also think that work was very good to me (strange as that may be). They accomodated me very well, made sure that I had light duties and wasn't running all over the place.

And, of course, I have done my part...stretching, strengthening, healing. I think that even though this took some time to heal, it has gone well in the end after such a bad start.

So what else have I been up to? Let's see...

There was the Roger Waters concert at GM Place. Wow. What an experience. So close to Pink Floyd, but not quite. Still, un-real. That is going to be a good memory for some time now.

Racing is going again, spent last weekend and two weekends ago at the track in Mission watching cars whizz by. Marc and I went there this past Friday to set up race control and install a new air conditioner to help keep us from melting in the race control building. All was fine at first, then we realized that the mosquitoes were planning a major offensive at us! (the race track is more or less sorrounded by wetlands, and even though they sprayed, it was heavily infested). In the short time that it took to get into my car and get away, I was swarmed by at least 50 skeeters bound and determined to get my blood. Even in my car, they were attacking while I was trying to suck them out the window as I was driving. When I got home, I found that my right leg and foot was covered in bites! The left leg faired a bit better since I was wearing the bandage around my lower leg.

The funniest story from the race track was from the poor turn workers who were out there giving blood so that the racers could play. I guess that one group had been spraying themselves down with bug spray all day and couldn't figure out why they were still getting swarmed. Just before lunch time, one of them looked at the lable on the can only to realize that they were using air freshener...

At least they smelled good!

Finally, the weddings.

Two weeks ago was Nicole and Jake's wedding on the Island, and this weekend Is Bella and David's wedding. Nicole and Jake's nice, simple. But the one day of travelling was brutal! Two hours sleep, followed by a 4:30AM wake up, missing one ferry, catching the next, driving, wedding, eating, rushing out before cake and off to the ferry again to make it home at 1AM. Kinda ruined the rest of the weekend.

Bella and David's will be the complete opposite, formal wedding, big dinner, dancing, etc. I think that it will be more fun in a way since I will know a lot of those in attendance versus Nicole's where I knew almost no one.

Of course, the biggest news of all...I bought air conditioning for my office! It is so nice! Now I will be able to cool the place a bit before going to bed. Nothing quite as bad as laying in a puddle of sweat while trying to sleep.

No more of that for this guy!