Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Back to the grind

Wow, I am beat.

My first day back at work today, although my doctor and my physiotherapist weren't too keen on it, WCB more or less mandated me back. They said that "section blah blah blah of the Workers Compensation Act states that if there is light duties made available, I must take them".

Sure, that is fine. But when the companies idea of light duties has me walking about 2km a day just to get to my desk from my car or the cafeteria or the bathroom, that is a problem. I am still not supposed to be on my feet.

So, I get to work today, hobble to the desk that I thought that I was supposed to be at, sat down and waited. An hour later, Danielle showed up with my secondary work (some data entry) and told me that she thought I was supposed to be in the other dock. I thought that I was where I was supposed to be, and went on with my work. A few minutes later, one of the supervisors shows up, saying he was told that I was in the other dock. Now I am getting to wonder if someone has screwed up, or if I screwed up. I do not recall (and my shop steward backed me up on this) being told to go to the other dock. Actually, I literally got no info after our little meeting with WCB on Monday.

Anyway, my Return to Work co-ordinator, Sereeta showed up. The poor lady had her young child barf all over her nice work clothes, so she had to change, shower and then show up late to work. Anyway, I told her the problem, and had her straighten it out.

Coffee time, then I met again with her and we went to the other dock. There was no work station for me, no room for me at any tables, and really no work. Yup, great planning. In the end, I went up stairs into the QA office, where I had asked to be in the first place. Very little walking, I can do my work up there, and I feel useful. I also had a chat with the top manager, explaining in great detail what had gone wrong with my leg, and also why I didn't want to be wandering the floor. He had actually thought that I had had surgery. Once again, no communication.

Then, to add to my day, I had to meet at one of the local pools to do my aquatic physio, which is a lot of fun...unless you are doing leg exercises. As I got out of the water, my poor legs felt like lead. I managed to hobble out of the aquatic center, but I have felt wasted ever since. I will be so happy when I am not broken any more.