Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Easy as the breeze

I haven't checked to see if the previous post mentioned the weather...it probably did, I tend to like to chat about it.

Anyway, it has gotten weird again. Last night about 11PM, another thunder storm, but not like any normal one, this storm was incredible! First I noticed that there were some flashes outside, then the storm started to go crazy. Lightning went non-stop, flash after flash, with almost no spaces in between! The thunder sounded like a constant drum roll, vibrating the entire building around me.

So, what does one do when faced with a storm like this? Get out the camera and tripod. =)

I snapped off about 50 or so photos, anywhere from 4 to 10 seconds each, some with the zoom lens, and some with wide angle. I got some pretty cool shots out of it! (posted on flickr, go look)

I got to bed late, about 1AM, then woke up before my alarm about 6AM when the thunder started up again! The drive into work was rough, lightning, rain, thunder wind. LOTS of wind. Another thing about the storm was that all the cars were covered with mud after wards. Not on the wheel wells, but all over. The rain was carrying lots of find dust from the Sahara Dessert that blew up over the Mediterranean Sea, which then covered everything in mud. It also has been blowing all over the place today, with really strong winds that made some of the smaller planes seem to just hang in one spot, making slow progress and also dust everywhere! You could see it in the air, a sort of smoky haze. I noticed it mostly on my laptop (which has a black surface) which was covered with a fine powder by the end of the day at work.

I am still hoping for sunshine, the heat was here though, 29C with a huge amount of humidity. I do really want to get into the pool soon!


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