Sunday, April 13, 2008

Staring straight into the shining sun

Another week, a bit quieter than the past few work wise (actually only had a 40 hour week!), but it had a few events.

Work as I mentioned was a lot slower than it has been the past little while, all of our spring maintenance is done now and other than finishing the propeller overhauls and putting the tank on the second plane, we are ready to fight fires!

The most exciting bit of action this week was Sian's birthday. Bo invited us all over for a BBQ, some champagne, wine, Eau de Vie, and Scotch. Oh, there was also some food in there too just to keep us upright. It was a nice time, with mostly us boys, Sian and her friend Anna from Germany here for a visit. The food was great, stories were fun and we all ended up rather bombed. That Eau de Vie will get you every time!

Today was another hike up on the mountain for me, but just a short one. Only 8 kilometre's today, but done at a fast pace, including the uphill stints. I was proud of myself, I powered up the hills with almost no strain, without being out of breath! I must be getting in shape or something.

I do get a chuckle when I go up there hiking, most others up there (and it is busy) don't really think "hiking" when they go. To them it seems that is a Sunday walk in the country. I have seen leather loafers, knee high boots with 3 inch heals, Sunday-going-to-church clothing and wool cardigans. The few of us that actually are there to hike and get exercise get rather stared at when we pass these other "hikers". I think I got stared at a bit more than normal today since I was wearing my Canadair CL415 shirt, and here EVERYONE knows what the Canadair is. From little kids on up, they are taught that it is the "Amicable Pompier du Ciel" flying his big yellow "Pelican" that saves everyones homes from the ravages of forest fires. So when they see someone wearing clothing that points toward working on those planes, you get a lot of admiration from them. In the end, it is a bit of hero worship that is going on (and it gives me the willies). They really are heroes though, since they do save Provence from burning down to nothing every year due to morons tossing cigarette butts out the car windows.

Two more weeks till I get to go home again. It feels kind of weird in a way, since this is more like home now. It is hard to feel like you are half way around the world when with a quick phone call or email you are right in the mix of what is happening elsewhere. The internet really has changed world travel.


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