Thursday, August 30, 2007

Jet setting again

It's kind of official now. Back to France.

I was in the lunch room at work when our HR director saw me and told me that he wanted to talk with me later about France. He said I was going, just needed to talk about a time frame.

So, after three tries to see him (he talks more than I do, and had a lot of visitors today), we sat down and chatted a bit about what was going on. Looks like my bosses have decided that they can live without me for a year or so, and have given Adam (the boss in France) permission to ask to have me work for him. There are still a bunch of details to work out, like when I am going, pay, per diem, etc. but the ball is rolling and it looks like it will be around mid November that I will be going, maybe as late as December. This will give me time to find a place for my junk (paying $7500 just to store my junk in an apartment for a year is a bit much), get my motorcycle license, cleam off my desk, find a home for my plant, sell or store my car and get a work visa for France.

I have the end of October/begining of November off work on holidays, and was hoping to go some place warm but I think it might end up being a time to pack and get the last of my things done.

So, if you have a place that I can store my car, or my plant please let me know. =)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Numenor Resurection

Just chatting with Jay on MSN, looks like he has finally resurrected his old blog Numenor.

Numenor is a geek/anime blog with a bit of ranting and raving thrown in for good measure. I think that it is a bit of a hold over from the Science Undergrad Society of UBC's newspaper The 432, where Jay used to (and occasionally still does) write articles of no real importance, but it gave him a place to poke a bit of fun at the world.

The resurrected blog is still under revision, but should soon be full again of geekdom, anime goodness and I am sure the odd complaint about Alliance farmers in WoW.

So go, indulge in geekiness. I shall.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Did it again!

Well, I got published again on Schmap!!

Schmap!! is a really neat little travel guide that uses photos from photographers who have their photos displayed on Flickr, and this is my second time ata getting photos on their guide.

My first was Marseilles, and although I was short listed for New York, I haven't heard back yet. Now, I have a photo from my home town (well, city actually) of Vancouver. I have even added a little widget on the side bar with a bit of a map of downtown and a link to my photo (it is the little icon near Vanier Park). If you want to browse everyone's photos, click on the photo button on the widget and enjoy the beautiful photos from the people at Flickr.

On another subject, we had Vintage Car racing at Mission last weekend. A whole lot of fun, with some beautiful vintage and antique cars racing (crazy to take those cars on the track imho) and a bit of a show and shine on Sunday. A big highlight for me was getting a ride around the track in a Rousch Mustang driven by on of our favourite drivers, Al. Al has been racing since 1969, and is one hell of a good driver. My face hurt from the smile as we screamed around the track, hitting 150km/h down the front straight and having my body tossed around from the lateral G's of the corners.

Hopefully I will get off my butt soon and get the photos up on Flickr. I have been lazy and am rather back logged in my photo uploads. I still have Bella's wedding on my camera!