Wednesday, February 09, 2005

An inspiration is what you are to me

I really should be doing laundry right now. I am running dangerously low on undies. But, that can wait.

Have you ever felt an overwhelming sense of excitement and pride for the achievements of a close friend? Excitement to the point of cheering out loud? Pride to the point of telling everyone about it? How about for someone that you have never met, and probably never will? This week I was privileged enough to have that happen to me on both accounts.

First, I am proud to say, is my friend Kira. Kira finished her Canadian Air Regulations exam, and was awarded, after years of hard work in an industry that has few women, an Aircraft Maintenance Engineers license, M1 & M2 categories. This means that she has been recognized by Transport Canada as being able to sign as airworthy, large and small aircraft, in both fixed and rotary wing (helicopters) categories. This is an amazing accomplishment, specially being that she has chosen helicopters as her field of interest. Not many woman become aircraft mechanics, and even less care to work in the bush on helicopters! But, Kira is one tough cookie. She has kicked serious butt, and I am very, very proud of her work. Congratulations Sunshine! I knew you could do it!

As for the excitement for someone that I have never met, it is someone that many people know. As a matter of fact, he is the reason that I Blog. I have been following his blog for a couple of years, watching vicariously through his Blog as he struggled with his life as an actor, and as an aspiring writer. His name is Wil Wheaton, and he is just like you and me. A lovely wife, and two step-kids, trying to keep food on the table, just like you and me. He had more or less given up on acting, putting his efforts towards writing (and doing a great job I might add), but still trying out for different roles, always to get turned down. But not this week. Not only did the producers like him, they gave him a better role!! He will be playing a major character on CSI, one of Hollywood's better shows. Read about it here.

It's funny, news of both Kira and Wil got me excited, and made me let out a Woohoo!! (I got strange looks when I did that in class after finding out about Kira's license), yet although I know and love one of these people, I still felt almost as excited for the person that I have never met. I guess that happiness in other peoples doing well still has it's place in the world, no matter who they are.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

On the turning away

So, first the big news, then the almost as big news.

We found out today that our hanger will be part of the CAW (Canadian Auto Workers) Union. I am not sure if I like this or not, as I have never been part of a union, and I can't see many things changing at work. There will be benefits, like having my seniority recognized finally, and making the management actually do their jobs for once. But, there will be not so good things. I am not looking forward to the lessor trades possibly earning as much as me. (they don't have the education, the work load, nor the resposiblity, yet they want the same wage as me.) Unions are known for trying to make everyone equal. I don't believe this. Just like I think that a doctor deserves to get paid more than me because of the education involved, the knowledge needed, and the responsiblity they have, while a grocery store clerk should get paid less than me, because they don't require an education, and someone probably won't die if they don't do their job properly.

Anyway, we will see how this plays out over the next year or so.

Now, for the not as big news. Well, it's not really big news at all, at least not for 24 years.

Astronomers have discovered what will probably be a "Once-in-a-millenium-event". An asteroid that is about 320 meters (1000ft) wide will pass by the Earth close enough to be seen without the aid of binoculars or telescope. Now, before you go freaking out that the Earth is doomed, they have already determined that the asteroid will not hit us, and if it did it would not be a "planet killer", but would probably knock out small town at the most. Needless to say, we have nothing to worry about, other than a cloudy sky blocking the view. And it's 24 years away, we have plenty of time to get ready!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Turn and face the light

I have had a few comments about my post Happiest Days of our lives from the other day. I truly think that some of us would rather go back to a simpler time, away from all this technology, and live like we used to. I also think that all this technology is making people more unhappy and depressed than ever before.

Now, I am a happy person, and I try and keep those around me happy as well, even if it's only for a minute or two. I dress up in silly costumes at Hallowe'en (see photos in the links to the right), I try and tell jokes (usually fail at that one), I smile at strangers and I am willing to listen to anything you need to say to make you feel better.

I have actually had people ask me how I can be some happy all the time. It's actually easier than you think. I just live by a few rules and sayings. Seems silly, but it works. Here are a few that I use regularly.

1) Don't sweat the small stuff.
These two are the most important.
2) EVERYTHING is small.

3) Don't worry, be happy.

4) Smile at a stranger.

5) Give someone a compliment.

6) No matter how dark and drear something is, find a bright side to it.

7) Do something for someone else, without wanting anything in return (volunteer)

8) Work like you don't need the money

9) Dance like no one is watching (if you saw me dance, you know that I follow this rule! Scary scene!)

There are others, but those are the best ones. All in all, keep a light heart, and be happy. Don't let anyone take that away.

(03Feb05, 0047AM)
Just adding one, thanks to one of my favorite readers...

10) If it ain't gonna matter five years from now, to hell with it.

I like that one.