Saturday, November 25, 2006

My skin is cold

Winter is here!

It is a bit early this year, with such a lovely Autumn, followed by a couple of really nasty storms that knocked power out and turned most of Vancouvers drinking water brown, and now...SNOW!!(that sentence kind of didn't make sense, but I am going to leave it anyway)

I just came back from a walk in it, and there is probably 4-5cm down already. I have heard rumours that there will be 24-30cm over the next couple of days. I was supposed to go into Vancouver tonight, but I am glad that common sense prevailed and I stayed home. I probably would have made it, but coming home would have been a challenge.

I might go out late tonight with the camera and take some photos of the snow on the trees in the light from the streetlamps. I like the way the light sparkles on the snow, very pretty.


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