Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Why can't we blow the years away?


I really should be wrapping presents. I hate wrapping presents. Seems like such a waste of time, wrap them, then they get torn open with no one appriciating the work that went into making the present look nice. I suppose that you can always do gift bags, but the price adds up after a few presents. At least the bags are re-useable.

I guess I can be thankful for one thing...I finished my shopping over a month ago, so don't have to spend any time in the dizzying madness that is the mall. Ya, Christmas, the quasi-holiday made possible by Hallmark, crass commercialism and some dude in a red and white suit. I am sure that Santa arrived in the stable just after the Three Wise Men had gone out for a bite to eat.

I am not completely grumpy about the holidays, I do get to see friends that I haven't seem much of in recent months. Andy is in town, and I want to try and see him some time over the next couple of weeks. Maybe go for beer, and try to make it to First Night to see SOTW.

Last weekend was a blast too, going down to Portland to meet with members of my guild on WoW. After chatting with some of them for almost two years, I finally put faces to names and voices. We did have a blast, with sushi night, pub night, breakie, and thrown in the middle, we actually got together to play a bit. I found it really amazing how comfortable I was meeting these people, and how the relationships that we have in the game translated into real life. Makes me happy to know that I have even more people in my life that I can call friends.

Next week, I will be working out at YVR covering one of the guys shifts. It will be a nice break from the hanger, to be outside again, doing line maintenance. I am sure that I will get addicted to that life again, it is a very rewarding job. Instant gratificaton, fixing the plane, watching the passengers and crew get on board, knowing that you did good work and that they will be safe on their flight. If I don't get to go back to France, I want to try and get out to YVR full time. Then I can move closer to Vancouver, and see friends a bit more often. So many variables in my life!

Well, think I will go start wrapping. Probably won't get far, but at least I can say I tried. =)


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