Thursday, December 07, 2006

Go to sleep

Hans, I still can't make comments in your blog. This is very disappointing.

Please fix this. =)

I also just noticed that I do not have a link from my blog to yours, I will have to remedy this.

But probably at a better time then at 3:22AM.


Blogger Hans Christian said...

I agree. Go to bed and stop bugging me about the lack of a comment feature. I'm working on it. You are giving me stress. I think my head is gonna...[POP!]

Actually right now I'm working on going on vacation and that have priority one :) After that I'll implement a comment function. I promise! And keep up the good work with the photoes. I might get myself a Canon EF-S 10-22mm Super Wide angle lens in Thailand or maybe a flash.


PS. Go to bed!

5:52 am  
Blogger Rick said...


I want a wide angle lens!

Must resist urge to spend money...must resist urge...

10:19 pm  

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